80’s Prom


Saturday we went to Prom, WOO-HOO!  It was Daniel’s first prom experience, and not exactly what a High School prom is like (we hope).  We were the Prom Photographers for the evening, $10 for 5 poses on a CD by the end of the night.  Not just poses, but cheesy, awkward, uncomfortable poses, as if you weren’t married to your date and you’d never really held hands before.  People loved it!  So many people that we actually broke even and made a little bit of scratch that we were then able to go out fancy for Valentines Day!

Just about everyone there was dressed the part, except for a group of people that looked like they just came from a wedding where the bride convinced the guys that “Pink is the new gray”, or she got them sloshed enough that they didn’t care they were wearing pink vests.  Because they were definitely partying before they even got in the building.

Next time we go to prom we have to go for prom.  Even though it was fun and great to work, it wasn’t a real prom experience, and Daniel needs one of those.

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  1. Vallie Moeck Says:

    Oh how I favourite the music penalty from the decennary, everything seemed to be way many creative than penalty.

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