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Superbowl time again

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

This year Lori picked the Colts, so Daniel has the Saints. We’ve each won one in the past two years. And according to everybody that doesn’t live where the Saints are from, Lori is going to take it this year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Flight of the Conchords is stuck in our heads

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

We’ve been watching Flight of the Conchords lately.  It started with Season 2 that Lori wonderfully brought home one day, just out of the blue.  And once that ran out we had to get our fix from season 1 since we haven’t seen all of them.  It was a few days ago that we say the Leggy Blonde episode, but it’s been stuck in our heads all day today.   It’s Lori’s favorite so far, and here it is . . .

No house :(

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

The bank (They own the house we wanted . . . still want) decided not to take our offer, instead going with someone else. That stinks! Somebody just got a house for somewhere under $100,000 less than it’s worth and it wasn’t us.

Our agent says there are more fish in the sea, but we aren’t seeing ’em. Even with all of the fancy sonar (website with a map of all the houses we can afford) there is nothing. We would have better luck if we were on one of those tv shows where they look for houses, because then people would see how pitiful we are and send us money.


Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

House Hunting

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

For the past few months we’ve been looking at houses with our awesome agent Tina.  Our lease is up at our apartment (we’re moving to month-to-month now) so we’re taking the oportunity to move on.  We’d like more room, bathroms, and privacy – like being loud without disturbing other people.

Well we’ve found one.  It took looking at a lot of bad ones but this one is great!  It’s priced well and fits our needs: plenty of rooms, lots of bathrooms, big kitchen, backyard for a pool, and an unfinished basement big enough for a putt-putt course!  Right now we’re getting with the bank about the loan paperwork so we can put in a bid tomorrow.  Everyone cross your fingers that nobody else has found this beaut, and we’re the only ones bidding!

Food! Yum!

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

We cook alot.  It’s super fun and gives us something to do besides computers or TV.  One of our favorite things to cook is picture above, BBQ Tofu.  We drain the tofu, slice it thin, pepper it, lightly pan fry it, then pour over some BBQ sauce (letting it cook a bit in the hot pan).  Lori says it’s like crack (or what she thinks it would be like).

Another of our favorites is Enchilladas.  The tortillas come from a mix we get at Wal-Mart, we mix it then roll it out, fill it with TVP (flavored with a taco season pack) and cheese and sometimes onion or salsa, roll it and cover it with our AMAZING homemade sauce.  This is also like crack to Lori, she would eat it every day if she could.  She is telling me right now to go out and get the ingredients so we can make it tonight . . .

Last night we made Country Baked Seitan for the first time in a while, we didn’t realize how much we missed it until it hit our tastebuds.  This time we mixed it up with brown gravy (from a pack) enhanced with mushrooms and onions.  It tasted like the sauce on salsbury steak.  And then the first chef to get kicked off of Top Chef made Seitan, but sucked at it.  They should have had ours!

Xander’s Birthday Party

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Woo Hoo, Xander’s 4 now.  April and Bill (his parents, duh) had a super fun party for him today.  There was a pool, sprinklers, water balloons, a sack race, cake, presents, and hot dogs and burgers (veggie too).  April was running around, making sure everyone was having fun, laughing the whole time, running through the sprinklers, jumping in the sack race.

We didn’t bring our bathing suits, which disappointed Lori very much, so we took pictures instead.  Xander picked the Sponge Bob cake because the heads shoot off the bodies!  We had a great time with the family, and they had a great time with us.  They even gave our car a semi-bath by throwing water ballons at us as we left.