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Engagement Picture

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

layfeet.jpg Last Saturday we had engagement photos taken by our friend Catherine. They turned out amazing! It was hot as blazes, but we made it through and had a good time. Check out the pictures here. Lori is flippin hot!

Wedding Superstitions

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

As our wedding is coming up, and planning is under way, it’s made me think about the way we do a lot of the things we do at weddings. Like why does the bride carry a bouquet (besides the fact that it looks nice) and then throw it at the reception? Why does she have something borrowed/blue/old/new? Why doesn’t the groom usually see the bride before the ceremony?

Well, we found some of the answers, and some we’re making up as we go along. The whole thing about not seeing the bride or dress, I want to be awestruck when I see her for the first time that day. And the rest of the answers (what we found anyways) are here – Wedding Superstitions.

But I still don’t know what I think about calling them superstitions, or traditions even. If we do it because it’s what we want to do, and not because that’s what people before us have done, or what most would say we’re supposed to do, or because we’re scared of curses or bad luck, then that doesn’t really make it tradition or superstition. We’re doing because we want to. There’s got to be a word for that somewhere.


Traditions aren’t silly. Doing them only because it’s tradition even when you don’t want to, that’s silly. If you want to take part in tradition, that’s great, as long as it’s because you want to do it. It’s the whole jumping off a bridge thing because everyone else is doing it. If you want to jump off the bridge, go for it. If it makes you happy, go for it.

Let it be known

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

That I am not a cruel fiance! He was running up the stairs of the amphitheater and hanging off the side li . I was afraid he was going to fall! At least I went up the terrifying abandoned trail and went on the empty stage of the theater. I’m not tooooo bad of a wuss. Okay, yeah i am. He’s right! He’s right!

Let it be known that he’s right!

It was a wonderful day in Jekyll. We woke up to a red sunrise. We went back to sleep. We met with the awesome lady at our hotel about hosting the wedding there and basically we can do anything we want. It was so exciting to not be told “no!” We both feel good about this hotel. Yay for figuring things out!
And yay for Parrot Ice!

Jekyll Island

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Jekyll Island CoupleWe went to Jekyll Island today, that drive sucks! But we did get alot done for the wedding. More to come on that later, but for now the really interesting stuff. Upon exploring the island we came across an amphitheater, which was on the map but looked like nobody had been back to it in years. O how I wish we could get married there, it’d be a giant play with sword fights and singing and chase scenes and people falling off balconies, but no, Lori says it’s not gonna happen. Phooey.

I got to run and jump and play and act like I was seven again. Poor Lori though, she’s stuck in adulthood and kept telling me I was going to get hurt and I should “come down from there”. Tsk Tsk Tsk Lori. But I still lover her.