Daniel’s Birthday


It was my birthday on Thursday and Lori took me out after work.  It was awesome!  We went to Cafe Sunflower, a vegetarian restaurant in Buckhead.  The food was delicious and the atmosphere is better than you’d expect for a place in a strip mall kind of setting.  Lori had the veggie loaf [picture left] and I had the almond crusted tofu [picture right].


From there we went to Startime Entertainment for some video games and comedy at the Funny Farm.  The comedy was a bit more miss than hit, but it was fun just being out.  Oh yeah, and because it was my birthday I didn’t have to do an after hours phone switch for work, and got my boss to do it for me.


This is a picture of us chasing down an imaginary plane that’s trying to take off without us.

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  1. vegan recipes Says:

    Keep up the good work!.

  2. Ahmad Says:

    reminded me so much of her big brother and her smile is just like her big siestr. She is pure sweetness and the perfect completion to her

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