Hall and Oates and drama

Today we shot a wedding, Hannah and Brent.  It was laid back and nice, not stressful at all, and we were out of there by 5:30 and on our way to Chastain for Hall and Oates.   It was our first time at Chastain, and we knew it was open air and we knew it was supposed to rain, but it’s Hall and Oates.

The concert was great, a total blast, and we got soaked, a total non-blast.   Maybe the rain brings out the crazy in people.  Or maybe it was the wine.  The group sitting next to us started throwing food at people a couple rows in front because they were standing up and blocking the view.  And then a lady in the row in front of us was mad at the people on the other side of us because they were calling her names or something, so she took her umbrella and held it out to block their view, and they almost got in a fist fight.  And then Hall and Oates played Rich Girl and everything was fine.  They did two encore’s.  Which we both agree is absurd.  If “Kiss is on my List”, “I Can’t go for That”, and “Private Eyes” are your encore then it was definitely planned, ’cause you can’t not play those.  Absurd.

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