Jekyll Island Picture Time

Last weekend was the first Labor Day weekend we’ve spent together in a couple years.  A three day weekend is super enticing for weddings since you get an automatic extra day off for your honeymoon, so Lori is usually shooting at least two days during these holidays, but not this time.  No weddings this weekend, instead we went to Jekyll so she could take pictures of Jill in a wedding dress.

During the beach portion of Lori’s shoot, God decided to let loose and pour rain on us, which is funny in hindsight, and kinda funny at the moment, but did suck.  Then it would stop for a couple minutes and we’d move down the beach and it’d start again, and stop again, and start again.  Kinda like that Red Light Green Light.

Monday morning we did get to enjoy the sunshine and walk to the beach.  We even walked around the hotel where we got married almost three years ago.  It’s pretty much exactly the same.  Makes us wonder if they still have roaches …

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