Lori got on a ride and hated it


We finally got to take some vacation time to head to the beach, but since we weren’t going until Sunday we decided to make use of our Saturday and head to Wild Adventures, which is kinda (but not really) on the way.

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Seeing as Daniel was being forced to go to PCB again, he decided that Lori owed him something, she had to get on a ride with him, which she didn’t totally agree with but was feeling bad that she was torturing him and so she gave it some serious thought.  We walked past the mouse ride and she said no, the kiddie coaster and she said no, then the giant swings and she said I guess so.   Apparently this thing looks slower from the ground because she was freaking out when it got to the top.   But she survived!  And that’s the important part.


With our Stone Mountain cards we were supposed to get half off admission, but we forgot.  Luckily the manager in the guest services office was in a good mood and at least gave us two free tickets to come back.  So we’ll be going again in November, we’ll see if lori rides something new then too. We have to expand her fun horizons, or her funrizons, or horfunzins, or funzons, or funions, something like that.

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