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First Anniversary!

Monday, October 26th, 2009

It’s been a year, can you believe it?  Wow.  It feels like only a few months ago we were shaking our groove things at the beach.  To celebrate this year we went back to Charleston, which is where the cruise ship left from on our honeymoon.  Last year we spent the night in a dinky motel in the smelly part, about 5 or 10 miles from the good part.  This year we stepped it up and stayed at the LaQuinta right across the bridge from the good historic part.  Not so smelly, and we were right in front of a dock with lots of fancy boats, Lori was thrilled!

Hotel Bed Hopping Hotel Bed Hopping

On the first day we walked around and did mostly window shopping. Lori found a dress she absolutely loved, but they didn’t have the right size, then miraculously on Monday we found another store that did have the size!  Something to note about Historic Charleston if you’ve never been is that it’s like that long street in Savannah (not River Street) where all the shops are, but times four.  And it’s a giant maze.  We walked so much and saw so many shops we thought we’d seen it all, but the second day we parked in a different lot and realized there was another section of stores we completely missed.

Historic Charleston facebook18

Saturday we decided to give gifts to each other, so we could enjoy the presents all weekend.  Lori got a Peacock Feather head band, and Daniel got a veggie T-shirt.  There is a long market there with artists and jewelry and purses and basket weavers and more jewelry, where Lori found her new favorite purse.  Adam gave us a Starbucks gift card that had nothing left on it so we bought coffee to try and keep us going.  We were going to eat at a veggie restaurant outside the Historic part but realized we’d have to leave and come back and park again so we stayed and had bar food.  That night we had Japanese Steak House, which is what we usually do for special ocassions because it’s so awesome.  No one there believed we were old enough to be married.

Huge Big Gigongous Tree Fancy Fancy
Museum Bear

Sunday we went to see a giant old tree, but the tree was closed until later.  So we went back into the city and ate at Yo Burrito.  It was ok, salsa was good but they were out of tofu.  How do you run out of tofu?  Then it was off to the museum where they were having a special wedding exibit.  Anyways, for dinner we went to Mercato, an Italian restaurant, for our actual anniversary dinner.  Oddly enough, there were two other couples seated in opposite corners from us that were celebrating the exact same thing.  One of the couples brought their cake top with them and ended up throwing almost all of it away because it tasted like cardboard.  Our cake on the other hand was just as great as a year ago.  We couldn’t help ourselves and opened it the night we got to the hotel and nibbled on it the whole trip.

Mercato Mercato

The day we left we went to a corn maze that wasn’t made of corn (bushes).  They said if we found 6 of the 10 hole punches for our punch cards we would get a small prize.  We found 9 of the 10, but would have had all of them it someone hadn’t stolen one of the punches from the pole.  When we went to collect our prize there wasn’t anybody there.  The lady that told us we’d get a prize was driving away when we got out of the maze, a full hour before they were supposed to close.  They left us in there alone, in a maze, possibly dead or dying or injured or making out.  Good thing we gots the smarts and could find our way out of what they say is one of the worlds largest mazes.

Almost gone :( Daniel picked all the dead ends