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Last weekend

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

We invited Lori’s family over for a cookout on Saturday, and of course it rained.  But whatever, we still had fun, and having company over means we clean our house so yay for that.

Lori hand pattied burgers and cooked them on our griddle inside, and daniel microwaved his veggie dogs (because he’s stubborn).  After dinner we played baulderdash and learned that Lori’s family is fascinated by the word “turd”, which makes the game easier since the real answers have never used that word.  We also found out Xander is allergic to cats after his eye started swelling and the back of his knees turned red, which sucks for him since he had fun playing with the cats, but also for us because they had to leave early.

This weekend we’re inviting Daniel’s family over which means our house will stay clean.  Yay!

No house :(

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

The bank (They own the house we wanted . . . still want) decided not to take our offer, instead going with someone else. That stinks! Somebody just got a house for somewhere under $100,000 less than it’s worth and it wasn’t us.

Our agent says there are more fish in the sea, but we aren’t seeing ’em. Even with all of the fancy sonar (website with a map of all the houses we can afford) there is nothing. We would have better luck if we were on one of those tv shows where they look for houses, because then people would see how pitiful we are and send us money.