Saturday October 18, 2008
Oceanside Inn & Suites
Jekyll Island

Our Wedding Vows

At our wedding ceremony we read personal vows to each other.  It was a bit hard to come up with at first.  We had to re-write them a couple times because they were too funny, then not funny enough.  But what we read to each other was perfect.  Wedding Vows


Seeing as this is a destination wedding, the directions have a bit more miles on them than usual, but the location is still very easy to find. Google Maps Directions. Go to Savannah then 95 south, there’s a giant bridge and then a big nice sign that says Jekyll Island on the left.


We’ve created a few gift registries for those that wish to give us something but don’t know what. We also appreciate the non-tangible gifts such as hugs and congratulations. Registries


Oceanside Inn & Suites is offering rooms at a discounted rate when you mention our names.  There are 6 other hotels on the island, and more in nearby Brunswick.  Accomodations

Extra Information

Odds are you’ve been to a wedding before and know what to expect, but there are a few things mentioned here that you might not know. For example, it would not be wise to walk around bare foot unless you like stepping on tiny cactus looking things. Extra Information

Wedding Superstitions

Weddings are full of silly things that we don’t fully understand, but tend to go along with reguardless. We’ve searched and found the meanings for some of them. Wedding Superstitions