Let it be known

That I am not a cruel fiance! He was running up the stairs of the amphitheater and hanging off the side li . I was afraid he was going to fall! At least I went up the terrifying abandoned trail and went on the empty stage of the theater. I’m not tooooo bad of a wuss. Okay, yeah i am. He’s right! He’s right!

Let it be known that he’s right!

It was a wonderful day in Jekyll. We woke up to a red sunrise. We went back to sleep. We met with the awesome lady at our hotel about hosting the wedding there and basically we can do anything we want. It was so exciting to not be told “no!” We both feel good about this hotel. Yay for figuring things out!
And yay for Parrot Ice!

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  1. April Says:


    You better leave that man alone. If he wants to break his leg, let him have fun doing it, and then you can put him back together with some TLC. I can’t wait to see the hotel. I’m glad you guys found a place. This is going to be so much fun.

    love you guys!!


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