June 23rd, 2020 by Daniel

A garden that’s actually growing something! A lot of somethings. Who knew one squash plant would produce so much. What do we do when the other 3 start exploding?

We’ve tried gardening before, but have never had full sun like this. Plants really do like the sun. These things are getting huge. There’s more than 10 tomato plants, 4 squash, a bunch of carrots, and some strawberry plants. Not to mention the okra, eggplant, and peppers that haven’t started producing yet. There’s even wild blackberry growing. We’ve found 3 of them that have popped up so far, and have been moving them to the back fence to try and grow on.

At the Axe Murder House there was so much shade hardly anything would grow. I think we got a handful of beans out of a 6×6 raised box. We planted carrots, left them in there an extra year to give them time to grow, we harvested little bitty baby carrots, not even the size of baby carrots. The only thing that seemed to grow there were the muscadines, but they only ever produced once in five years, and that was right before we sold. It’s like they were giving us the middle finger.

Casper’s Fourth Birthday

June 7th, 2020 by Daniel

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? We all do now. We tried to ask him what kind of party he wanted, all he would say is “pool party”. Spongebob is pretty easy to do too, there’s plenty of decorations for it out there already, and there’s a food tie in with Krabby Patties (or Chum Buckets). It’s much easier than if he would have said Troll Hunters, which he was obsessed with for about a month.

What has Casper been like lately, on the lead up to the big 4? Well, he’s full of farts, and doesn’t realize how nasty they are, so he just lets them out and keeps going on his day like it’s normal, like a sneeze. But he also likes to fart on people, so there’s that side of it.

He talks all the time, non-stop, please stop, dear god make it stop. We think it’s from Grammy keeping him when he was a baby, imprinting herself on him, she always had something to say.

He’s been practicing tricks on his scooter. Out of nowhere he busted out some sweet moves on us the other day. One legged, one legged superman, cross your leg and squat, no eyes, cross legged. Some serious stuff for a beginner.

There’s also the “why”. Anything you say to him gets a “why” in response. To the point where I don’t think it means what he thinks it means. He said “why” when I asked if he wanted candy. Good grief.

Casper the Barber

May 12th, 2020 by Daniel

I really thought we were past the point we had to be worried he’d cut his own hair. But this is our first kid, and I know nothing. He’s been saying for a few weeks now that he wants a haircut, I just thought someone was putting these thoughts in his head (Maw-Maw). But he had the balls to actually do it, he took two random chunks out of the weirdest spots. I didn’t know he’d done it until I saw the hair on the floor, so what good did he even do? There was still all that hair in his face. Maybe he was practicing before he gave himself bangs, and I just caught him before he could.

Now is not the time to go to a barber, even if they do open up for some reason. So now we get to be hair stylists. I am all for the semi-mullet (bowl cut in the front, party in the back), but Lori just got scissor happy on the back and now it’s all gone.

Depending on how you look at it, from what angle, or if you’ve had a few drinks, it’s not that bad. There are some spots where things aren’t even, but part of that is on him since he took a bigger chunk out of one side than the other with his little experiment. And this is gonna be one of those things we’ll all look back on as a quarantine haircut, like a badge of honor so many had to go through.

Happy Mother’s Day

May 10th, 2020 by Daniel

Lori is Casper’s favorite girl. He likes to come in to our bedroom in the morning and gently stroke her face to wake her up and tell her how much he likes her. It’s so sweet.

Welcome to our Swamp

April 12th, 2020 by Daniel

What a pleasant surprise. We looked under the pool cover and saw tadpoles swimming around, like a bunch of them, a bit too many of them. O wait, those are mosquito larvae, cool, time to clean this sucker out ASAP.

When we took the cover off, what a lovely swampy mess we found, isn’t it beautiful. Don’t you want to come over and dip your toes in? I know I don’t

Neither of us have ever had a pool before, so we get to learn all about it together, through Google and Youtube. We don’t have pool boy money, who do you think we are? Get out of here with that. We paid someone $400 bucks to close the pool, I nearly shit myself when I got the bill.

Lori took some of the water to the pool store to get some help on what to do. They said we needed to get all the debris out of the bottom. We had a good laugh at that, I guess she didn’t show them a picture. How will we know when we’ve got it all when we can’t see 3 inches down into the water? Welp, wish us luck, we’re going to need a lot of it.

Happy Birthday Grandpa

January 27th, 2020 by Daniel

Same place next year? It’s like a habit. But a good one. A very delicious, tasty, yummy, Casper actually eats, habit. It’s the habit no one wants to break because it’s so good. Casper calls it the fireman restaurant and wants to go there all the time. We make it at home and he gets disappointed that we don’t have a big fire and make a volcano out of onions. Which he’ll heat in fried rice by the way, onions and eggs, but at no other time. He will spit out onion or egg if you try to sneak it into any other kind of food.

I ask my dad where he wants to go or what he wants to do for his birthday, and so very often he says Nakato. Like a lot, it’s our go to spot in Atlanta for celebrating anything. And none of us care, it never gets old. We went there for Adam’s birthday too last year.

It’s Japanese steak house, but better because they give you noodles too. And they have tofu which most other ones don’t do for some reason. I don’t get why they are the only ones we’ve found doing noodles, it’s so easy and delicious.

Casper’s First Birthday

June 3rd, 2017 by Daniel

Our little dude is a year old. He’s not talking yet, so we had to decide what kind of party to have for him. Dinosaurs! It’s one of those generic boy things, but it’s more than that because when he was born he would make Pterodactyl sounds, so it’s fitting.

I don’t think we’ve ever had so many people in this house at once before. It’s crazy, people like babies. I mean we like him too.

He still can’t talk in sentences, but he can say “bubbles”. He’s not potty trained yet, sadly. And he doesn’t know how to do any cool magic tricks yet. I mean he’s only one, but being the optomistic parent I am, I thought he might have some slick slight of hand moves by now. The fact that I don’t have any either may be a contributing factor.

Batman Vs. Superman

August 5th, 2016 by Daniel


Casper is now two months old and trying to figure out what kind of hero he will become.

He also likes to spitup, hates car rides, and sleeps more than the cats do.

One Month Old

July 2nd, 2016 by Daniel

Casper is one month old today.  He eats, sleeps, and poops, not much else is going on.

DSC_0545 copy

This is technically his first cosplay.  It’s Casper as Casper!

Baby Day!

June 3rd, 2016 by Daniel


June 2, 2016 @ 12:34AM

Casper Danger Von Manis has arrived.  A sack of screaming flesh that is constantly leaking, 7lbs 5oz, 18 3/4 inches long, and furry.  Lori says it’s called “lanugo” and it’s normal, but gee wiz it looks like back hair.  Our little man.

We went to the hospital around 10AM on May 31 because Lori’s blood pressure scared the doctors and they said it was time to get the baby out.

They gave Lori drugs, which she liked and helped her go to sleep, and then drugs to help with the pain of pushing out a baby.  Once it started it went really quick, probably like 10 minutes of pushing and then there he was, our bundle of joy.

A quick 30 minutes later we’re up in a room where they kept us for a day, to help us get ready to keep this thing alive.  They had to teach us how to feed him, bathe him, clean his tar poops, and then like most babies he had jaundice and had to be put under grow lights.

Now we go home and help him grow and become a functioning human being.  Let’s hope we do an ok job and don’t ruin him in some terrible way.  I mean, I busted my head open a bunch and got more stitches than fingers and toes, and i turned out pretty ko.