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Panama City Beachin

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

You know what it’s like when a motorcycle roars by and everyone jumps a little and turns their head to see what’s happening?  We heard so much of that over the weekend I don’t think we’ll ever be tempted to turn again.  It’s like they say, “motorcycles will be motorcycles”.  And we saw just about every different one there is.  Including what was the love child of a chopper and an El Camino.

Hey! baby

Lori wanted to go on a Baby Moon before Casper comes, and she wouldn’t go anywhere but PCB.  She just happened to pick Bike Week, of all weeks.  It’s like we’re cursed to forever vacation with motorcycles.  We accidentally went to Daytona during bike week, we were woken up on the 19th floor of our hotel in Ohio by motorcycles revving engines during a breast cancer run, and now this.  Maybe Casper will ride one day and this will all make sense.  I’m sure that’ll make his grandparents happy, they ride a Harley (and just happened to come along with us on this trip) and were super excited Lori picked this weekend.

See more pictures from the trip here.

PCB – Lori’s Heaven on Earth

Friday, July 4th, 2008


This is Lori actually writing a post!

What can I say about Panama City except that I’m totally obsessed with it and nothing could ever change that, even if they burned the city to the ground. Granted, there would be nothing to do, but hey they accomplished that when they tore Miracle Strip down and broke my heart into a million pieces….shattering my childhood memories of log rides and haunted houses forever!

Anyway we met my parents down there on a rainy Tuesday night. (But not before stopping at multiple walmarts looking for the Evil Dead movies) As soon as we arrived we sat on the balcony and listened to the ocean. We would have looked at the ocean too, but it was midnight. Daniel slept on the floor once, an air mattress once, and one night he gathered all of the couch cushions and make himself a giant bed on the floor. Neither of these ideas seemed to feel any better than the other. Poor Daniel!

In our short time there we accomplished lots of things, including beaching, swimming, eating, and surviving a grueling maze with blinding white walls and long pathways that lead to eventual dead ends. We came out alive, ate a snowcone, watched a small worm get stepped on by a girl who never noticed, changed our seating arrangements because it was grossing me out, and then we met up with the rest of the gang at Angelos. That evening we listening to the beachy vocals of Accoustix, the greastest and drunkest men to hit the Gulf since forever. People were drinking and dancing to Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, and the Doobie Brothers. I wore my polka dot dress and I should have danced the night away but I was not drunk. And I cant dance.

I am a sucker for the ocean. Sure, it was full of seaweed this time and it felt like swimming in snot, but thats totally OKAY because I can overlook things like giant seaweed pulling me underwater and drowning me. Daniel did not get in. He thought it was disgusting. I agree. But I am not a wus. Daniel and Chase built an awesome sandcastle town. They later destroyed it and its many inhabitants. The pool was awesome.

The day everyone else departed for home, me and Daniel stayed a little longer. We ate at my favorite diner EVER! (It wasnt amazing this time but it’s still my favorite.) We sat in the sand and watched the waves crash for a while. I couldnt help but feel sad that I cant spend all of my days HERE, by the ocean. It steals my heart every time and I cannot bear to leave it behind. I finally raised myself out of the sand and me and Daniel checked out the new shopping mall. It’s pretty nice…very colorful. I found a ton of clothes at JCPenney. Before long we were hungry again and of course I decided on Italian. We found the best Italian ever… Sweet Basil. Then we were off back to the ATL. Leaving home for my other home. Daniel had to keep telling me we were going on VACATION to ATLANTA now. That helped!
Well thats it for this vacation, but there will be more because I am a spoiled, vacation-loving girl who loves freedom from work and a good beach breeze through my hair.

Oh to be there now. With my KITTEN! I AM GETTING A KITTEN! But that will be the next blog!