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Casper the Barber

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

I really thought we were past the point we had to be worried he’d cut his own hair. But this is our first kid, and I know nothing. He’s been saying for a few weeks now that he wants a haircut, I just thought someone was putting these thoughts in his head (Maw-Maw). But he had the balls to actually do it, he took two random chunks out of the weirdest spots. I didn’t know he’d done it until I saw the hair on the floor, so what good did he even do? There was still all that hair in his face. Maybe he was practicing before he gave himself bangs, and I just caught him before he could.

Now is not the time to go to a barber, even if they do open up for some reason. So now we get to be hair stylists. I am all for the semi-mullet (bowl cut in the front, party in the back), but Lori just got scissor happy on the back and now it’s all gone.

Depending on how you look at it, from what angle, or if you’ve had a few drinks, it’s not that bad. There are some spots where things aren’t even, but part of that is on him since he took a bigger chunk out of one side than the other with his little experiment. And this is gonna be one of those things we’ll all look back on as a quarantine haircut, like a badge of honor so many had to go through.