Welcome to our Swamp

What a pleasant surprise. We looked under the pool cover and saw tadpoles swimming around, like a bunch of them, a bit too many of them. O wait, those are mosquito larvae, cool, time to clean this sucker out ASAP.

When we took the cover off, what a lovely swampy mess we found, isn’t it beautiful. Don’t you want to come over and dip your toes in? I know I don’t

Neither of us have ever had a pool before, so we get to learn all about it together, through Google and Youtube. We don’t have pool boy money, who do you think we are? Get out of here with that. We paid someone $400 bucks to close the pool, I nearly shit myself when I got the bill.

Lori took some of the water to the pool store to get some help on what to do. They said we needed to get all the debris out of the bottom. We had a good laugh at that, I guess she didn’t show them a picture. How will we know when we’ve got it all when we can’t see 3 inches down into the water? Welp, wish us luck, we’re going to need a lot of it.

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