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Happy Birthday Grandpa

Monday, January 27th, 2020

Same place next year? It’s like a habit. But a good one. A very delicious, tasty, yummy, Casper actually eats, habit. It’s the habit no one wants to break because it’s so good. Casper calls it the fireman restaurant and wants to go there all the time. We make it at home and he gets disappointed that we don’t have a big fire and make a volcano out of onions. Which he’ll heat in fried rice by the way, onions and eggs, but at no other time. He will spit out onion or egg if you try to sneak it into any other kind of food.

I ask my dad where he wants to go or what he wants to do for his birthday, and so very often he says Nakato. Like a lot, it’s our go to spot in Atlanta for celebrating anything. And none of us care, it never gets old. We went there for Adam’s birthday too last year.

It’s Japanese steak house, but better because they give you noodles too. And they have tofu which most other ones don’t do for some reason. I don’t get why they are the only ones we’ve found doing noodles, it’s so easy and delicious.