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Birthday Time – Number 25

Monday, April 12th, 2010


Friday was my 25th birthday and Lori planned an awesome party for me.  We went to Manuel’s for dinner, I didn’t know who was coming until they showed up, so I got really excited every time someone I knew walked by the window.   There was Adam, Wesley, Becky, Jessica, Ashton, Jessica, Marvin, Mike, Jenny, Catherine, Dustin, CB, Kristin, and Joy!  I didn’t think that many people would come for my birthday.


Then after dinner we went back to our place for drinks and cake and pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata!  I hope our neighbors don’t hate us already.  We did try to keep it down outside after midnight though, so they can’t hate too hard on a Friday night.  I fell asleep early as usual (right after they started playing Balderdash), probably 1oclock, but the last person didn’t leave until 230AM.  I consider that a pretty good bash.

Here are more pictures.  And Lori has plenty on her Facebook too.

Daniel’s Birthday

Friday, April 10th, 2009

It was my birthday on Thursday and Lori took me out after work.  It was awesome!  We went to Cafe Sunflower, a vegetarian restaurant in Buckhead.  The food was delicious and the atmosphere is better than you’d expect for a place in a strip mall kind of setting.  Lori had the veggie loaf [picture left] and I had the almond crusted tofu [picture right].


From there we went to Startime Entertainment for some video games and comedy at the Funny Farm.  The comedy was a bit more miss than hit, but it was fun just being out.  Oh yeah, and because it was my birthday I didn’t have to do an after hours phone switch for work, and got my boss to do it for me.


This is a picture of us chasing down an imaginary plane that’s trying to take off without us.

My Birfday!

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008


It’s my birthday! For about eleven minutes anyways. And it’s been fun, awesome even. Lori gave me a sand bucket and a tofu cookbook and Evil Dead. Quite a few people sang me happy birthday. I got to bowl. Breakfast for breakfast, breakfast for lunch, breakfast for dinner. How lucky am I. Here are some more pictures.

And our buddy from Waffle House, Cee Cee, gave me cake and played a song for me on the jukebox.

All this to be topped off on Saturday with roller skating. Does it get any better? Probably not.