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A most grand entrance

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

For most weddings, all the ones I’ve been to anyways, the bride gets to make a big entrance where everybody looks at her and she feels super special and it’s great.  But the groom is just there.  You turn to talk to the person next to you and when you look back up front there he is.  He’s just there.  No big puff of smoke or music or anything, he comes from behind a door or gets out of a chair next to the stage while everyone is talking.  Lame.

Maybe there are other guys who’ve had their entraces, but I haven’t seen them.  And I want one.  I refuse to just walk up there un-announced and be a side note.  You can’t have a wedding without a groom, so here’s Daniel.  No.  It’s going to be HERE’S DANIEL!  I’m entering with a jetpack!  Or maybe a parachute like when Uncle Jesse got married on Full House.  Anyone else have a great idea?