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Monday, November 17th, 2008


We have our wedding pictures in the can and on the web.  You can view some of them in the pictures section here.

The photographer has all of the pictures available to view/purchase at her site,  Click Client Login, find our name in the list, the password is manis.

Our Vows

Friday, November 7th, 2008


We wrote our own vows for our wedding.   It was easy, but not too easy.  There was a lot of debate about what should or could or shouldn’t be put in them.  Lori thought some of my ideas wouldn’t go over too well.  So we wrote and re-wrote them several times to get them to be the greatness you heard at the wedding.  Well, maybe you heard them with the wind.  So if you couldn’t hear them, or you were not there, or you just want to revisit them, here they are.

The only wedding we’ll ever have

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008


October 18th, you’ve heard that date a lot and so have we, but now it’s gone.  The wedding was great.  All that planning and stressing and list making before hand, it was all worth it.  There was hardly anything to worry about that Saturday.  We setup quick and every question had an answer.  The biggest unknowns were the weather and the gnats, but both of them cleared up in the late afternoon.  Hallelujah!

We had the ceremony facing the beach, with a column archway wrapped in garland and red roses.  Daniel rode a bike into the ceremony and Lori was chauffeured to the lawn by her Uncle Ray in his nice black car.  It was great and came together flawlessly!

Hopefully there were constant surprises for everyone that attended, we didn’t want people to go to a wedding they’ve been to already.  The favors were personalized fortune cookies wrapped in favor boxes by weaving wrapping paper.  The cake was layered with ocean waves and stars and topped with a skeleton bride and groom to show our eternal commitment to each other.  The centerpieces were silver sticks (hand spray painted) in fish bowls filled with glass rocks with blue lights illuminating them from underneath.

And let’s not forget the dancing.  Holy wow!  We never thought we would have EVERYONE on the dance floor, but we did and it was amazing!  Thank you to everyone for celebrating with us like that.   Thank you to everyone that wasn’t able to come but wished us well.  Thank you to the random people we’ve met that wish us a happy marriage.  Thank you all!

The photographer has been swamped with weddings recently, but she says since we are awesome and she loves us and the pictures she took of the wedding, they’ll be up and ready for viewing/purchase within 2-3 weeks.   We’ll let you know how to view them when she lets us know.  For now you can check out her blog to see a few teaser pictures.

A most grand entrance

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

For most weddings, all the ones I’ve been to anyways, the bride gets to make a big entrance where everybody looks at her and she feels super special and it’s great.  But the groom is just there.  You turn to talk to the person next to you and when you look back up front there he is.  He’s just there.  No big puff of smoke or music or anything, he comes from behind a door or gets out of a chair next to the stage while everyone is talking.  Lame.

Maybe there are other guys who’ve had their entraces, but I haven’t seen them.  And I want one.  I refuse to just walk up there un-announced and be a side note.  You can’t have a wedding without a groom, so here’s Daniel.  No.  It’s going to be HERE’S DANIEL!  I’m entering with a jetpack!  Or maybe a parachute like when Uncle Jesse got married on Full House.  Anyone else have a great idea?