A garden that’s actually growing something! A lot of somethings. Who knew one squash plant would produce so much. What do we do when the other 3 start exploding?

We’ve tried gardening before, but have never had full sun like this. Plants really do like the sun. These things are getting huge. There’s more than 10 tomato plants, 4 squash, a bunch of carrots, and some strawberry plants. Not to mention the okra, eggplant, and peppers that haven’t started producing yet. There’s even wild blackberry growing. We’ve found 3 of them that have popped up so far, and have been moving them to the back fence to try and grow on.

At the Axe Murder House there was so much shade hardly anything would grow. I think we got a handful of beans out of a 6×6 raised box. We planted carrots, left them in there an extra year to give them time to grow, we harvested little bitty baby carrots, not even the size of baby carrots. The only thing that seemed to grow there were the muscadines, but they only ever produced once in five years, and that was right before we sold. It’s like they were giving us the middle finger.

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