Casper’s Fourth Birthday

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? We all do now. We tried to ask him what kind of party he wanted, all he would say is “pool party”. Spongebob is pretty easy to do too, there’s plenty of decorations for it out there already, and there’s a food tie in with Krabby Patties (or Chum Buckets). It’s much easier than if he would have said Troll Hunters, which he was obsessed with for about a month.

What has Casper been like lately, on the lead up to the big 4? Well, he’s full of farts, and doesn’t realize how nasty they are, so he just lets them out and keeps going on his day like it’s normal, like a sneeze. But he also likes to fart on people, so there’s that side of it.

He talks all the time, non-stop, please stop, dear god make it stop. We think it’s from Grammy keeping him when he was a baby, imprinting herself on him, she always had something to say.

He’s been practicing tricks on his scooter. Out of nowhere he busted out some sweet moves on us the other day. One legged, one legged superman, cross your leg and squat, no eyes, cross legged. Some serious stuff for a beginner.

There’s also the “why”. Anything you say to him gets a “why” in response. To the point where I don’t think it means what he thinks it means. He said “why” when I asked if he wanted candy. Good grief.

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